Disambiguation Distinguishing the Paternal Uncle, Younger Newton (1761/63 VA-1847 VA), from his namesake, Younger Herndon (1785 VA-1859 KY)

Here is data on the original owner of the given name Younger in the Newton & Herndon families.  This is really a testament to the great friendship of two brothers-in-law.  Giles Newton & wife Elizabeth Terrell, had several children, among them, siblings, Younger Newton and Ann Newton.  Ann Newton (1764 VA-aft. 1830 TN) married Benjamin Herndon (1760 VA-1814 SC).  Benjamin and Younger each named sons after each other.  Benjamin (& Ann Newton) Herndon had a son Younger Herndon (1785 VA-1859 TN).  Younger (& ? Carhill) had a son Benjamin Newton (?-?).  In turn Younger Herndon carried on that family respect naming his own son, born 1836, Younger Newton Herndon (1836 KY/TN-1904 KY).  Warning (mass-published online errors):  Elements from all three of these men have been muddled together online as though they belonged to one person.

Click on this link to read about the first holder of the given name Younger: Younger Newton Sr


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