Case Study 3: Herndons of Stewart Co TN & Trigg Co KY, the Descendants of Benjamin (ca.1760 VA-1814 SC) & Ann “Nancy” Newton (ca.1764 VA-aft.1830 TN) Herndon

* DOCUMENTED CHILDREN OF BENJAMIN & ANN (According to Benjamin’s intestate probate, the “children, heirs” are listed in the following order):

(1) John Pearce [Sr.] of Stewart County, Tennessee [husband of unidentified daughter]

[On 3 Feb 1815, John Pearce sells wife’s portion of lands “which falleth to me by the death of my father-in-law Benj’n Herndon, late of Marlboro District, deceased.” (Source: Stewart County TN Deed Book H-1, page 163). On 4 Feb 1815, the intestate record of Benjamin Herndon lists by name the “children, heirs of the Estate of Benjamin Herndon, deceased.” (Source: Marlboro District SC Probate Records, specific transactions between 1814-1822.) Unfortunately, so far, the name of the daughter has not been specified — although a likely place for it would be with the Stewart Co TN court case of John Pearce against Ann Herndon (if this action is in fact brought by her son-in-law), dated 5 Nov 1822 (page 160), 6 May 1823 (page 218), & 4 Nov 1823 (page 312), in which jurors found for the plaintiff in the amount of $123.17, for an unspecified reason, and 2013 letters to the county archives did not turn up any retained record of details.]

(2) Younger Herndon of Stewart County, Tennessee [appears to have married twice; 1st wife unknown; 2nd wife Sarah Ann unknown, possibly “Wilson”]

[The name “Sally Wilson” is supplied by a single source, my G-gma, Maggie Lee Dawson Herndon, the Great-granddaughter of Younger, who married her 1st cousin 1 time removed, Younger’s grendson, Nickodemus Herndon. Maggie’s mother was daughter of Younger’s son Younger Newton Herndon, and Nickodemus’s mother was Younger’s daughter Missouri Jane Herndon. Seems close enough with two linked ancestral lines to know the identity of Younger’s wife Sarah Ann! G-Grandma Maggie was interviewed by my father (her grandson) who sent a typed letter with questions for clarification, which evidently was answered with the help of my grandfather (her son). In that letter, she affirms Younger’s wife’s name was Sally Wilson (it was circled yes). Dad doesn’t remember what led him to ask the leading question but it seems to me to have been to verify a prior conversation.]

(3) William Herndon of Marlborough District, South Carolina (later received two portions: for Frances & himself)

(4) James Herndon of Marlborough District, South Carolina

(5) John Breeden [Jr.] of Marlborough District, South Carolina [husband of Mary Herndon]

and four unnamed “minor” children under-age: positively identified in successive court records: including father’s probate, & their own power of attorneys and deeds:

(6) Lucinda “Lucy” Herndon, b. 1797, md. Thomas Holloway Halliburton on 15 Dec 1815.

[Lucy H. Burton is listed as “one of the heirs of the deceased.” (Sources: see Stewart Co., Tenn. Deeds, Volume 0 [or 6?] (Jan. 1819 – Mar. 1823 [sic], page 409, date 21 Sep 1821: Lucy H. Burton and her husband, Thomas, granted a Power of Attorney to Younger Herndon, authorizing him to collect the money due them “from the sale of all the land of Benjamin Herndon, deceased.” Also: Genealogical History of the Halliburton Family, Volume 1″ by William Kenneth Rutherford, copyright date 1983, page 120. FHL BOOK US/CAN # 929.273 H155r. Also: The Descendants of William and Sarah (Poe) Herndon by [Lillian] Ruth Herndon Shields, copyright date 1956, page 74. FHL BOOK US/CAN # 929.273 H431s.]


See family info on this couple Thomas & Lucinda Herndon HalliBurton as listed on NSSAR Application (# 4434) by Benjamin’s grandson William H[enry] Halle Burton of Arkansas, [born 4 Nov 1816; died 18 or] 20 Nov 1912 (son of Thomas & Lucinda). (Source: SAR Vol. 23, Membership Application # 4434, dated 23 Oct 1891, then age 75, [of DeWitt,] Arkansas Chapter. Viewable online at under “U.S. Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications 1889-1970, database on-line from Louisville, KY, NSSAR, Microfilm, 508 rolls, Provo, UT, USA, Operations Inc., 2011, images 40-42 of 966. Also see family data by Benjamin’s 3x Great-granddau Juliet HalliBurton, of Corinth, Mississippi (G-granddau of William Henry HalleBurton) on her NSDAR Application # 288090, dated 17 October 1934, LaSalle Chapter. (Source: DAR official record copy in my possession since June 1991.) (See also the documents linked to entries for Col. William Henry HalliBurton or Halliburton: “Halliburton Family Tree” owner “Pete_Paulin”; and: “Watkins, Jr Family Tree” owner “Carole Dahlinger”; and:″Thyrza’s Family Tree” owner “nmccord01”; as well as: “Tackett,Miller,Barnett,lines,etc” owner “William Tackett”)

These SAR & DAR documents perpetuate the family lore that Benjamin Herndon served in the Revolutionary War. We find two US military records which seem to verify him: (a) 2nd Virginia Regiment, Company No. 8, as it stood June 1, 1777: Samuel Haws, Captain, over 44 privates including Benjamin Herndon (Source: Saffell, page 275. Records of the Revolutionary War by W[illiam].T.R. Saffell, Reprint, 2006, 606 pp.; viewable at under Records of the Revolutionary War: Index to Saffell’s List of Virginia Soldiers in the Revolution by J.T. McAllister, 2010, 598 pp. For original publication date, see also citing Virginia’s Soldiers in the Revolution: R. Saffell. 3d ed. Baltimore. 1894. Page 500-508.) See also: (b) (Benjamin Herndon, Virginia state ID VA07343, 5th Division, 2nd Virginia Regiment, Weedon’s Brigade, Captain James Upshaw’s Company; “Notes: Enlisted 30 Dec 1777 In The Horse Service.”) which I found after reading Juliet’s DAR application, in which she cites a letter from “WAR DEPARTMENT, Adjutant General’s Office, by Robert C. Davis, the Adjutant General, dated 28 Mar 1923, says Benjamin’s name “first appears on a Company pay roll covering the period from May 1st to June 1st 1777 and is last borne on the Company Muster roll for December 1777 with the remarks ‘Enlisted December 30th in the Horse Service” and elaborates’ “No further record of his service has been found, nor has any record been fornd in service of the Revolutionary War by any other Benjamin Herndon.” The last part came to be in error, as there are now DAR applications for another Benjamin Herndon. ALERT: TAKE GREAT CARE NOT MIX UP OUR BENJAMIN WITH FOUR OTHER CONTEMPORARY BENJAMINS: neither with (a) the Benjamin Herndon (1740s-1820s) married to Lydia Massey of Orange County, North Carolina; nor with (b) Benjamin Herndon (1765-1805/15) who married about 1787 to Susan Ahart of Elbert County, Georgia (DAR ID 98930, on his father Edward, NSDAR Vol.99, page 296; by Mrs. Georgia Herndon Rampley); nor with (c) the more famous Col. Benjamin Herndon (1742/49-1819, of the Battle of King’s Mountain) married in 1769 to Sarah Pines & later in 1799 to Patience Terry Glenn of Newberry County, South Carolina (DAR ID 20736, NSDAR Vol. 21 page 258; by Mrs. Louise Adele Herndon Martin); nor with Pvt. Benjamin Herndon of Goochland Co., VA (1740-1778) married Roseanna Wade (via additional Source: John Goodwin Herndon Collection, FHL FILM # 875,138).

(7) Frances Herndon (her welfare in her father’s estate was looked out for by brother William Herndon, and he received a double portion to cover both him and her.)

[Frances is listed as daughter of Benjamin: see Intestate record of Benjamin Herndon, dated 20 Feb 1818. Frances is listed as “daughter of said deceased.” (Source: 20 Feb 1818, old notes regarding probate in Marlboro County South Carolina, need to verify if it channeled through Stewart Co., Tennessee. I believe it did.)]

(8) Margaret Herndon, md. Champion P. James of Stewart County, Tennessee.

[Margaret & Champion granted a 22 Sep 1821 power of attorney to Younger Herndon for the money due them “from the sale of all the land of Benjamin Herndon, deceased. (Source: Stewart Co., Tenn. Deeds, Volume 0 [or 6] (Jan. 1819 – Mar. 1823 [sic]), page 410, date 22 Sep 1821.) ADDENDUM: Margaret’s husband appears to have originated from Richmond County, North Caroline, the northern state-line county bordering Marlboro/ugh District/County, South Carolina. Public member trees support this at “James” owned by “JessicaTaylor43” which contains a scanned document, the will of John James (1750 NC-1794 NC) dated 22 Oct 1794 in Richmond Co NC Probate, listing a son Champ[ion/ness] Pierce James, and “Frank Family Tree” owned by “MFWelch41” bears out this belief, both providing full dates of birth for family members.]

(9) David Herndon of Stewart County, Tennessee.

[David & his mother Ann together granted a 21 Sep 1821 power of attorney to Younger Herndon (a court-identifed son of Benjamin) to collect “all monies” due them “from the Estate of Benjamin Herndon, deceased.” See Stewart County, Tennessee, Deeds, Volume 0 [or 6] (Jan. 1819 – Mar. 1823) page 408, date 21 Sep 1821. David also received an 1823 deed of gift “for maternal affection” from Ann for her homeplace and 2 Negros, a boy named Wyatt and a woman named Nett. It appears likely proven his mother Ann is still living with David when he appears as David Herendon (erroneously indexed as Herenden), age 20-29, along with two slaves (a male age 10-23 & a female age 55-99) on the 1830 US Federal Census of neighboring Humphreys County, Tennessee. (Source: 1830 US Federal Census, Humphreys County, Tennessee, Page 306, NARA Series M19, Roll Number 176, FHL Film 0024534).]

ALERT (A LATER ADDENDUM): According to data in the 1800 & 1810 US Federal Censuses for this family (although relationships were not specifically stated therein), it appears there were likely other children born to Benjamin & Ann whose names do not survive and were not included in his probate documents, indicating they must have pre-deceased him. (This is addressed in this document in a later topic.)

AUTHOR: By researcher, Rose H. Bonnell, 21 January 2014.
PROVENANCE: This analysis with its original research conducted and compiled over decades was written by Rose Herndon Bonnell, 21 January 2014. (I posted it 21 Jan 2014 at in a private member tree provided for me by family member “icnow” & which I renamed “Herndon Disambiguation”.)
CITATION: Research Analysis is Intellectual Property of Rose Herndon Bonnell, shared with permission.


According to the Marlboro Co SC probate records, the intestate documents for Benjamin Herndon, deceased, (ca. 1760 VA – 1814 SC), list his “children, heirs” by name on 4 Feb 1815. Chronologically from that list the unnamed daughter is first, her husband being named: John Pearce of Stewart Co TN.

(1) unidentified daughter (estimated birth as first in chronology: ca. 1783-ish) the wife of John Pearce [Sr.] of Stewart Co TN. (Source: Marlboro Co SC Deed Book H-1, page 163, dated 3 Feb 1815, in which John refers to Benjamin as “my father-in-law” and sells his portion of lands from that estate; and John is also listed as one of the “children, heirs” on 4 Feb 1815, Marlboro Co SC, in Benjamin Herndon’s estate probate.)

ALERT & POSSIBLE CLUE FOR SOLUTION TO FIRST DAUGHTER’S GIVEN NAME: Their mother, (Mrs. Benjamin) Ann “Nancy” (Newton) Herndon was sued (according to Stewart Co TN court minutes of 5 Nov 1822, 6 May 1823, & 4 Nov 1823) by a John Pearce (need to determine whether he was husband of their first daughter and therefore Ann’s own son-in-law). It was my hope that obtaining those court document case files would perhaps provide the missing name of that eldest daughter. So far any details on the case have not yet been located. I have written to the Stewart County TN webmaster a 30-year county researcher, compiler, & publisher, Jim Long (2013) and he said that unfortunately details of that case were not retained at the county because it went to a higher level circuit court. Needs more research.

(2) Younger Herndon (1785 VA – 1859 KY) of Stewart Co TN. (Source: Listed as one of the “children, heirs” on 4 Feb 1815, Marlboro Dist SC probate file for Benjamin’s estate) had an earlier wife on the US Federal Census of 1820 Stewart Co TN and a later wife, Sarah Ann, on 1840 Stewart Co TN, and on 1850-60 Trigg Co KY census (the US Federal Census of 1830 Stewart Co TN with him enumerated as Harrington, is in question as to whether it’s the 1820 wife or the 1840 wife; her borderline age could almost go either way. My Great-grandmother Maggie Lee Dawson was married to her 1st cousin 1x removed, widower Nickodemus Herndon, the grandson of Younger. Nickodemus died in 1959, and in 1963, Maggie supplied the missing maiden name of Sarah as “Sllay Wilson” to grandson erry with his father Robert as intermediary filling out answers to a letter.) {*SEE WARNING BELOW FOR URGENT CLARIFICATION & DISAMBIGUATION.}

(3) William Herndon (estimated birth as third in chronology: ca. 1788-ish) of Marlboro Co SC. (Source: Listed as one of the “children, heirs” on 4 Feb 1815, Marlboro Dist SC)

(4) James Herndon (estimated birth as fourth in chronology: ca. 1791-ish) of Marlboro Co SC. (Source: One of the “children, heirs” on 4 Feb 1815, Marlboro Dist SC)

(5) daughter [Mary] Herndon (estimated birth as fifth in chronology: ca. 1794-ish), the wife of John Breeden [Jr.] of Marlboro Co SC; he was identified as one of the “children, heirs” on and her name was given later in a land transaction. (Sources: Marlboro Dist SC, Benjamin Herndon Probate File, 4 Feb 1815; & [Marlboro Co SC] Deed Book M, page 11)

AND four MINOR children under age (later identified in receipts in Benjamin Herndon Estate Probate papers; & in Stewart Co TN Deeds)

(6) Lucinda “Lucy: Herndon (born 1797 acc to DAR submission #288090 citing family bible AND this matches estimated birth as sixth in chronology; ca. 1797), married Thomas [Holloway] HalliBurton (surname often abbreviated H. Burton) on 15 Dec 1815. (Sources: DAR application #288090 submitted by Juliet HalliBurton diting Thomas & Lucy (Herndon) HallliBurton Family Bible, also see Power of Attorney granted to William Herndon,produced on 20 Feb 1818 in Marlboro Co SC Probate for Benjamin’s Estate, and the Power of Attorney granted to Younger Herndon in Stewart Co TN on 21 Sep 1821; Deed Book 0, indexed as 6, page 409)

(7) Frances Herndon (estimated birth as seventh in chronology: ca. 1800-ish) was identified 20 Feb 1818, as “daughter of said deceased” when her brother William received two portions, the second part for her. (Source: Marlboro Dist SC, Benjamin Herndon Porbate File, 20 Feb 1818)

(8) Margaret Herndon (estimated birth as eighth in chronology: ca. 1803-ish) who married Champion P. James) of Stewart Co TN; they were identified in the Power of Attorney they granted to Younger Herndon of Stewart Co TN on 22 Sep 1821 (Source: Stewart Co TN Deed Book 0, indexed as 6, page 410)

(9) David Herndon (estimated birth as ninth in chronology: ca. 1806-ish) was still unmarried in the 1830 US Federal Census of Humphreys Co TN (listed as Herendon) with much older woman, certainly his mother just as he had lived with her in 1820 and jointly granted Power of Attorney to Younger Herndon in Stewart Co TN on 21 Sep 1821 to collect monies due them from the estate of Benjamin Herndon, deceased of Marlboro Dist/Co SC. Also received homestead etcetera as “deed of gift” from Mom on 3 Feb 1824 “for motherly affection.” (Sources: Stewart Co TN Deed Book 0, indexed as 6, page 408 & Stewart Co TN Deed Book 7, page 141)

Benjamin’s widow, Ann, apparently lived to be enumerated with their youngest child, son David, in the US Federal Census of 1830 Humphreys Co TN, where he was listed as Herendon, single, with an elderly white woman of age 60 and under 70 (=60-69, so born between 1761-1770) which agrees with her calculated age of Marlboro Dist/Co SC US Federal Censuses in 1800 at age 26 thru 44 (= born between 1756 & 1774) & in 1810 (husband listed as Benj)at age of 45 & up (= b. 1765 or earlier), thereby narrowing down to (birth between ca. 1756-1765. (And if taking 1830 data also into consideration that would condense her birth to between 1761 and 1765.) David had been enumerated with his mother Ann in 1820 Stewart Co TN, their residency together futher evidenced by their granting joint Power of Attorney to Younger Herndon in 1821, and they were still apparently together at the time of her deed of gift (homestead etc) for “motherly affection” in 1824!

* IMPORTANT ALERT & WARNING REGARDING CHILD #2 ABOVE: Benjamin’s son, Younger, (b. 1785 VA-d. 1859 KY), is victim of a half-century mix-up with a second man, Philip Herndon (b. 1801/10 TN-d. 1849 TN) husband of Sarah Hichcock (according to their son’s biographical sketch published in History of Tennessee [see Stewart County, Lewis Herndon] by Goodspeed, 1886, pp. 1305-1306). Yet, conclusively, neither ever used a secondary name in any lifetime documents: Younger never used the name Philip, nor did Philip ever use the name Younger! This erroneous amalgamation was unintentionally imposed by mistaking as fact an early researcher’s working hypothesis (by Dr. JGH & to which he was making continual changes and adjustments), which although unproven and never represented by him (Dr. JGH) as definite, even in his mind (evidenced by his crossouts and overwrites), has sadly now been blindly canonized in cyberspace as purported fact through successive family tree copiers though it was never substantiated and has definitely been disproven. Younger lived in Stewart Co TN in 1820 & 1840, and in Trigg Co KY in 1830 (mistakenly enumerated as Harrington) & 1850 (finally with given names of all his current family, instead of the previous age and gender categories) WHILE Philip lived in Humphreys Co TN in 1830 (enumerated as Herendon) and in Stewart Co TN in 1840. These men were separated by only the fluctuating TN-KY state line in adjoining counties (Stewart Co TN & Trigg Co KY) and died 11 years apart, the youngest before the eldest. Over five-plus decades, these two separate men, their wives, and families have been progressively mis-merged into one. I’ve spent the past three years in intensively documenting & publishing online what I call the “Disambiguation” Project for the separate families of these two couples (Younger Herndon & Sarah Ann possibly Wilson, AND Philip Herndon & Sarah Hitchcock) and following their two distinct sets of children through successive censuses and marriages and death records! I believe Younger AND Philip ARE relatives, but so far, it’s inconclusive as to whether they were father and son OR uncle and nephew. Taking into consideration Philip’s first census location of Humphreys Co TN, in 1830, while Younger was in Trigg Co KY, the relationship leans toward likely uncle & nephew, with Philip possibly the son of William who resided there in the mid-1820s; however it tilts toward father & son when taking into consideration family naming patterns alone, with Philip’s son Lewis carrying the middle initial Y., and Lewis Y.’s daughter Sarah naming her son Lewis/Louis Younger Nolin—indicative of a closer association with the name & person of Younger! This is something I’m still actively researching.

THE DISAMBIGUATION SET WAS NOT PROFESSIONALLY PUBLISHED (JUST SELF-PUBLISHED) AND IT IS NOT FOR SALE ANYWHERE, ALTHOUGH I’VE MADE IT AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR RESEARCHERS FOR FREE. (In it, my research analyses are listed chronologically, so my latest conclusions are last.) After over three decades researching this family line building on prior efforts of my father and grandfather, I completed nine months of compiling documentary evidence into completed books in 2011 which were self-printed and placed with one author and two repositories in 2012, placing with a third repository in 2013 and arranging for scanning & online publication of that research ensuring it be made available as a public service: {“Herndon’s of 1800’s Stewart Co TN: The Herndon Disambiguation Project for Families of Philip AND Younger Herndon, 3 volumes totaling abt 733 pages; Part A: Tracing the Family of Younger & Sarah [Ann] (unknown/possibly Wilson); Part B: Tracing the Family of Philip & Sarah (Hitchcock) Herndon; Part C: Tracing the Early (& as yet) Unconnected Individual Herndons (of 1820-1840s Stewart & Humphreys Co TN)}. A fourth volume is in the works to assemble the family units in group-sheet form and to note any corrections, a couple I know of already. If all 733 pages are read, one item is corrected later within the progressive research, but an earlier chart missed updating, (it was slated for correction, but I had a precious little helper grdau toddler pulling out my editorial bookmarks—she’s growing up to be my helper : – ), a necessary modification concerning relationship of the two Nancy Herndon’s (on which I am still working because there are three, possibly four Nancy’s, one an older daughter of Philip, one a younger daugher of Younger, one a daughter of Younger’s son Alfred, and another as yet unlinked). A second necessary correction, is that while I was working madly on the Younger Herndon research, I had help provided on his brother William and it was credited (in added handwriting) in the copy to the author but unfortunately not in the repository copies that were scanned online. I take responsibilty for that oversight. However, the biggest correction is that since then, the marriage of William Herndon to Prudence Lankford has proven not to be brother of Younger but to a later generation and an as yet unconnected William. Lesson to me: I’d have figured that out sooner, if I’d personally looked into it more than I did. When it was brought to me, I let excitement for the potential overrule my caution. My apologies for the goose chase on it. Those things are on my list to cover in Volume Four in the Errata Section. In case I die before it gets done, this is my correction.)


You can do this two ways, either:

(1) GO TO THEN CLICK ON Books THEN in the search box TYPE rose bonnell OR

(2) GO TO THEN, in the search box TYPE: rose bonnell

Either way, up comes the three books as Part A, Part B, and Part C. The nice thing is though the original hard-copy set contained only detailed Tables of Contents, the online version is word-searchable and is better than an index. Happy hunting. Hopefully this will aid in correcting long-standing error and will provide unity of future research which is still, and ever will be, ongoing.


First, there was hardly time for John to be born to Benjamin the teen soldier of the Revolution born ca. 1760 (acc to descendant submitting to the DAR # 288090) & who was documented on payroll & muster of 2d Va Regt in mid 1777, and enlisted in The Horse Service in Dec 1777, and married about 1782, that calculation considering his documented son, Younger born ca. 1785 (acc to 1850 US Federal Census of Trigg Co KY), and an earlier daughter, Mrs. John Pearce, (if listed chronologically by birth in Benjamin’s 4 Feb 1815 intestate doccument), making her birth approximately 1783 unless a twin. The 1782 marriage calculation agrees with Benjamin’s first documented association with his wife Ann’s father Giles Newton (14 Dec 1782, when Benjamin of Caroline Co VA bought 200 acres in Charlotte Co VA witnessed by his at least soon-to-be, if not already, father-in-law, Giles Newton. Due to that move and the apparent beginning association with Giles Newton who lived in Charlotte Co VA, I’d not put the marriage before Dec 1782 and propose it was more likely in early 1783, which allows time for one child to be born before Younger whose birth was in 1785 which is in harmony with the chronology of the “children, heirs” list.

ALERT: Some researchers, perhaps being brand-new naive “click-any-ologists” (sorry, my rather disressed term) who are not yet trained in original research & analysis and don’t have access to records repositories, believe (by huge jump to conclusion) that the John Herndon (ca. 1776 VA – ca. 1845 AL, husband of Sarah Easterling) who requested letters of administration on the estate of Benjamin, along with widow Ann [(Newton)] Herndon, is also their son (possibly basing this on the fact that he is significantly younger, age 16-25 in 1810 and 40-49 in 1830, and in the right proximity on US Federal censuses of Marlboro Co SC. I find that connection very doubtful since, other than supervising the administration and purchasing land from the widow Ann and the eldest daughter Mrs. John Pearce, he’s not mentioned in any other family documents, and did not move to Stewart Co TN as did the rest of the family but instead moved to Butler Co AL (acc to several public member entries at… such as ***…. (Sources: 1810 US Federal Census of Marlboro Co SC, see Jno Herndon: viewable at, acqu 2010, Roll 61, Page 93, Image 0181420, FHL Film 000168; also 1830 US Federal Census of Marlboro Co SC, see John Herndon, viewable at, acqu 2010, Page 71, NARA Series M19, Roll Number 171, FHL Film 0022505.) John is not enumerated in Marlboro Co SC in 1820, and there are two potential John’s nearby: John Herndon (age over 45, b. ca. pre-1785, possible but so indefinite as to be inconclusive to rule in or out with calculations) in Pendleton Co SC with 12 in household, and Jno Hearndon [sic] in St Bartholomew’s Parish, Colleton Co SC with 8 household members, age span 26-44 equating to calculated birth between 1786-1804 which definitely works for us and is interesting because that is where in 1810 there was also a Philip (age 26-44=birth calculation of 1766-1784) who may have been a relative (perhaps another brother?) and that could explain the name of a later Philip (1801/10-1848) associated with our family (possibly Benjamin’s grandson either through Younger or through William). The John Herndon of Pendleton is suggested to be married to Elizabeth Mealer, which likely rules him out. Since the John (of Benjamin’s probate administration) apparently had no claim on the estate of Benjamin, and merely bought land from the widow and eldest daughter, and did not migrate with the family, but away from it, this makes me wonder whether John was actually a younger brother rather than a son. For instance, as documented in numerous census records over decades of research, it is not unusual particularly back in colonial times for a woman’s childbearing years to span 25+ years and I have a close friend who has a 29 year span. The birth range of John from 1810 census is ca. 1785-1794, and from 1830 census is ca. 1781-1790, narrowing/equalizing to ca. 1785-1790. Therefore the differece between Benjamin (b. ca. 1760, +/-4 years 1756-1764) and John (b. ca. 1787, +/- 3 years 1785-1790) is about 27 years, so it is actually possible to be siblings. To answer obvious questions: (1) the only Herndon’s (of any variant spelling) enumerated in US Federal Censuses of Marlboro Co SC were James Herndon and James A. Harrington; and (2) there is no Philip Herndon enumerated in 1820 US Federal Censuses in South Carolina. Obviously, this all requires a great deal more research.

AUTHOR: Researcher, Rose H. Bonnell, 22 & 26 February 2014.
PROVENANCE: This story with its original research conducted and compiled over decades was written by Rose Herndon Bonnell, 22 & 26 Feb 2014. (I posted it 22 (& 26) Feb 2014 at in the private member tree provided for me by family member “icnow” & which I renamed “Herndon Disambiguation”.)
CITATION: Research Analysis is Intellectual Property of Rose Herndon Bonnell, shared with permission.

* ALL 12 CHILDREN: ADDITIONAL CHILDREN via 1800 & 1810 census who died prior to heir agreement of 4 FEB 1815:

Regarding all the children of Benjamin Herndon (ca. 1760-1814) & Ann Newton: In addition to the detailed connections supplied by the 4 Feb 1815 heir agreement form between the widow and male heirs, including the spouses of the female heirs, who had reached the age of majority, (as well as recognition that there were four minor heirs), there were other children who were with them on the 1800 (Benjamin) & 1810 (Benj) US Federal Census (of Marlboro/ugh District-County South Carolina) who did not survive to have provision in that heir agreement form to share & share alike.

These additional children with their known lifespans (per census & deed & probate data, aligned with known children’s births) are listed below:

(Daughter Three) Herndon, born Abt. 1788 (Betw. 1785-1794) in probably Marlborough Dist SC; died Betw. 1800-4 Feb 1815) in probably Marlborough Dist SC.

(Daughter Four) Herndon, born Abt. 1790 (Betw. 1785-1794) in probably Marlborough Dist SC; died Aft. 1800 (Betw. 1800-4 Feb 1815) in probably Marlborough Dist SC.

(Daughter Eight) Herndon, born Abt. 1805 (Betw. 1801-1810) in Marlbrough Dist SC; died Bef. 4 Feb 1815 (Betw. 1810-4 Feb 1815) in probably Marlborough Dist SC.

Necessary Disclaimer: It is essential to realize that none of the censuses between 1790 & 1870 list the relationship of the household member to the head of household, therefore any specific connection is only supposition until additional proofs are available. It was only in censuses from 1880 to 1940 (the latest census available to the public) which specifically identifies the relationship of each household member to the head. In modern times, household members usually are children of at least one parent, but back in the 1800s, when it was more common for extended family members to be part of the household, children could have been neices, nephews, or grandchildren. Keeping that in mind, based on the ages, and the fact that no unidentifed children are old enough to be other adults in the household, it still seems probable, (to me as a 30+-year researcher of the family), that all the children in Benjamin’s household were his own. The only other Herndon in the vacinity, is John/Jno Herndon, whose household was also full, and whose age, though quite a bit younger, is best in the realm of a younger brother than a son (in absence of any direct evidence stating he is a son, and whose absence on the heir agreement form, and whose only benefit from the estate was land he purchased from heirs, especially since he moved to Butler Co. AL instead of migrating to Stewart Co. TN with the rest of the family).


Benjamin & Ann were married about 1781-82 (based on births of first two sons, especially Younger Herndon, age 65 in 1850 US Federal Census of Trigg Co KY, born ca. 1785 VA, and the calculated ages of parents in the 1800 & 1810 US Federal Censuses of Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC (birthyears between 1756-65, calculated ages 17-26), AND the key relationship deed 14 Dec 1782, wherein Benjamin Herndon of Caroline Co VA purchased 200 acres in Charlotte Co VA; witnessed by future/present father-in-law Giles Newton (and, no it could not have been Giles’ son, Giles Jr., who was only about 14 at the time)!

The entire family of children born to Benjamin Herndon (ca. 1760 VA-1814 SC) & Ann Newton, as far as I’ve been able to ascertain via documentary evidence and educated calculations (as explained above & further noted below) is as follows:

(1) (Son One) William Herndon (identified in father’s probate), born Abt. 1782 (Betw. 1775-1784; calculating him as eldest child since his family in 1820 had far more members than brother Younger’s) in Charlotte Co VA; married Elizabeth [unknown] (acc to old letter to Marlboro Co SC probate judge); died Bef. 07 Nov 1831 in Stewart Co TN (acc to probate).

(2) (Daughter One) Herndon (identified by husband), born Abt. 1784 (Betw. 1775-1784) in Charlotte Co VA; married Bef. 1810 in Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC to John Pearce Sr (identified in father-in-law’s probate & deed); died Bef. 3-4 Feb 1815 (no-dower-release deed & family heir agreement form), in Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC.

(3) (Son Two) Younger Herndon (identified in father’s probate & mother/siblings’ powers-of-attorney), born 1785 (info via 1850 census age 65 born VA) in probably Charlotte Co VA; married twice, first to [unknown] Bef. 1804 in Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC or Stewart Co TN, second to Sarah Ann [unknown, possibly Wilson (acc to 1963 letter from G-grdau/grdau-in-law Maggie Lee Dawson Herndon md to 1st cousin Nickodemus Herndon); died Bef. 25 May 1859 in Trigg Co KY (acc to probate).

(4) (Daughter Two) Mary Herndon (identified by father’s probate & husband’s deed), born Abt. 1787 (Betw. 1785-1794) in probably Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC; married Bef. 4 Feb 1815 to John Breeden Jr.; died after 1830 in probably Stewart Co TN.

(5) (Daughter Three) [unidentified] Herndon (counted by father’s two censuses), born Abt. 1788 (Betw. 1785-1794) in probably Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC; died Aft. 1800 (Betw. 1800-4 Feb 1815), minimally age 12-15, in probably Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC.

(6) (Daughter Four) [unidentied] Herndon (counted by father’s two censuses), born Abt. 1790 (Betw. 1785-1794) in probably Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC or Halifax Co VA; died Aft. 1800 (Betw. 1800-4 Feb 1815), minimally age 10-15, in probably Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC.

(7) (Son Three) James Herndon (identified by father’s probate), born Abt. 1793 (Betw. 1791-1794) in probably Halifax Co VA; appears md on 1820 census to [unknown]; died Aft. 1830 in probably Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC.

(8) (Daughter Five) Lucinda Herndon (identified by father’s probate & own power of attorney via brother Younger, 1891 SAR app # 4434 & 1934 DAR app # 288090), born 17 Dec 1797 in Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC; married 15 Dec 1815 in Stewart Co TN to Thomas HalliBurton; died Betw. 1834-1838 in Humphreys Co TN.

(9) (Daughter Six) Margaret Herndon (identified by father’s probate & own power of attorney via brother Younger), born Abt. 1801 (Betw. 1801-1810) in Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC; married Bef. 21 Sep 1821 to Champion P. James; died Aft. 1830 in probably Stewart Co TN.

(10) (Daughter Seven) Frances Herndon (identified by father’s probate & own power of attorney via brother William), born Abt. 1805 (Betw. 1801-1810) in Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC; died Aft. 1818 in probably Stewart Co TN.

(11) (Daughter Eight) [unidentifed] Herndon (counted by father’s census), born Abt. 1805 (Betw. 1801-1810) in Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC; died Bef. 4 Feb 1815 (Betw. 1810-4 Feb 1815), maybe between ages 8-10, in probably Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC.

(12) (Son Four) David Herndon (identified by father’s probate & own power of attorney via brother Younger & mother’s deed of gift & successive census), born Abt. 1807-08 (Betw. 1805-1810) in probably Marlboro/ugh Dist/Co SC; died Aft. 1830 in probably Humphreys Co TN.

I pray in some future time, (with benefit of this foundational research I’ve been blessed to continue on the shoulders of others who’ve laid essential groundwork), that with the continuing aid of Heaven, and the indexing which enable ever-increasing availabilty of previously unknown documents, more will come to light to conclusively identify this family and all who belong to it. That is my sincere hope, and I ask blessings on all who are carefully working to aid this by methods of the Genealogical Proof Standard, because truth is what we are seeking so the family will be accurately represented.

AUTHOR: Rose H. Bonnell, family researcher, 3 September 2014.
PROVENANCE: This analysis with its original research conducted and compiled over decades was written by Rose Herndon Bonnell, 3 September 2014. (I posted it 3 Sep 2014 at in a private member tree provided for me by family member “icnow” & which I renamed “Herndon Disambiguation”.)
CITATION: Research Analysis is Intellectual Property of Rose Herndon Bonnell, shared with permission.


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