Our Genealogical Home

Welcome, Readers, Researchers, Learners, and Potential Contributors,

This site was initially created as a central location to refer family, and a place to send Interested researchers, for instruction and updates on our Herndon family corrections which required extensive differentiation and disambiguation, for correction of previously-published error.

First, I created simple pages with a Welcome, Case Studies on the research & solutions for our Herndon brick-wall problem and it’s incremental ongoing solution(s). I added pages on the annual Newton (Herndon) Family Reunion, and shared specific heritage activities to increase children’s interest in our family history.

After many family members have expressed interest in assisting in some way, but are busy raising young families and are very limited on time, so I wanted a way to teach them at their convenience and needed to do it in a way that allowed them to do it when they had increments of time. They needed training. So I expanded this site to include training blogs, with chronological instruction on the Genealogical Research Standard. I included recommendations for specific tutorials and those links are embedded here.

I hope to eventually expand this as a location for others to post their Brick Wall break-through case studies, with their own documentation, analysis, correlation, and research reports.

This is my effort to pass the torch to the next generation.



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