About this Website & its Author & Fair Use

AUTHOR INFO: I am a grandmother with over five decades cumulative experience in family history documentation & genealogical research. This has been a consistent thread through all stages of my life. My earliest memories, coloring & over-typing on my parents’ genealogical notes destined me for this mission, the intense feeling anticipation & joy of learning to read & write for some wonderful purpose in the future (not realizing many of my farming colonial “planter” ancestors did not know how to read & write and generations closer to me even appointed readers to tell stories during field work, so great was the privilege of knowing how), helped along as a child observer listening to family stories told by my still-living four grandparents, four Great-grandmothers & one Great-grandfather; and as a third-grade writer on an investigative homework assignment when contributions by the entire class were published in book form (typed & mimeographed), then accompanying my parents to cemeteries as they transcribed tombstones, and on regional oral history interviews for the local university where my father was a professor, as a teen copying genealogical notes into pedigrees & group sheets, and progressing as a homesick immigrant to another state 1700 miles from home doing telephone & correspondence interviews to collect the family stories for my firstborn child, as a budding self-trained & institution-trained researcher at the world’s largest genealogical repository (the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah), with annual genealogical trips back to my home-state, visiting family, cemeteries, courthouses, & libraries, branching into neighboring ancestral counties & states, initiating decades of correspondence with other prominent family researchers whose goals are as mine, and passing the baton as a high school elective teacher assigning them to creatively record their family histories, currently working on a disambiguation series placed in a handful of strategic libraries; and finally broadening out to have monthly events to feature specific ancestors to my grandchildren so they will know & love their heritage. My goal, first-middle-and-last, regardless of cherished yet-unproven family lore is TRUTH & ACCURACY! My research is slow, deep, and continuous. “TENACIOUS” they call me, and I guess it is the best summary of my years of family research. Through this site, I want to preserve & share case studies correcting the long-held errors I’ve encountered.

WEBSITE PURPOSE: To combat the tidal wave of error being mass-proliferated on the internet trees at various genealogical sites and integrated & mass-published in book form in family, county, and cemetery histories. This website was created to allow researchers battling such mass-error to benefit now from what is actually documented proof with it’s chain of analysis so any future researchers can have a more firm foundation to ensure accuracy of our family tree as newly-indexed & previously-unknown documents become available! This is done to fulfill my word to share my research.

WEBSITE SCOPE: This is created to publish corrections on my own family lines, but I as I build, I am expanding it manifold, with not only a section of HOST CASE STUDIES, but to allow for USER CASE STUDIES, suggested FAMILY HERITAGE ACTIVITIES and establishing links to RECOMMENDED RESOURCES (WEBSITES, ARTISTS, COMPUTER TECH HELP, CUSTOM FLAG COMPANY, etcetera)! For the time being, I will not be including email correspondence, nor direct contact information, due to being a one-woman show; if it grows quickly & I add staff, I may soon change that. Till then, this is the best way to not disappoint. In the meantime, I will post what I know with source citations. So sunscribe to receive my emerging content. If & when I do publish in book, audio, or video form (whether in ebook or in print or otherwise) I will let you know. Right now I’m reveling in my golden years, waiting for the grandchildren to grow up, take an interest, and become my committee! One tiny granddaughter already earmarked herself as a sure assistant by pulling out many of grandma’s colorful editing bookmarks (just as I earmarked myself as a toddler by “working” on my parents genealogy notes). 🙂 My GOAL: Share-Share-Share so it (all the corrections, the “proof in the pudding” in the smorgasbord of our family history) doesn’t die with me! Right now I’m watching tutorials learning how to build this website so please bear with me as I get it underway!

AUTHOR: Researcher, Rose H. Bonnell, 17 January 2016
CITATION: This Webpage with its research & analysis, & all content comprising shared ideas is the Intellectual Property of Rose Herndon Bonnell. You may use it for non-financial non-publication purposes with permission when quoting, cutting/pasting & sharing, as my gift in free public service for the express purpose of accuracy of our family heritage, by giving proper attribution (i.e. author name & website & date of extract or quotation). Any other use is prohibited by copyright law and requires specific written permission of the author.

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  1. Am interested in Giles Newton family reunion. I am a descendant of his son, James. Wondering if my sisters and I may attend.


    1. Hi Susan,
      Delighted you’ve found my little website and find it useful. Yes, the Newton Family Reunion is open to all! I am not in charge of it (I’m on the opposite side of the nation) but I have spoken with the past president in the past couple years, and they are hopeful of getting the word out to invite all descendants. (I’m compiling descendant info on our branch of the family to provide the Newton Family Reunion Association so the Benjamin Herndon-Ann Newton branch can also receive annual invitations & updates.) Hope you can go and enjoy it!


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