Worldwide Records Preservation by the LDS Church via their Family History Library & Granite Mountain Records Vault in the Salt Lake City Utah Area

The LDS Church is world-leader in preservation of worldwide records of genealogical significance, including vital records of birth, marriage, death, as well as deeds, probate & other court data, and published family histories & genealogies as well as transcribed & submitted pedigrees & family group sheets. For a comprehensive overview of the Church’s preservation work, I recommend these instructional online videos:

“Granite Mountain Records Vault, Part 1 – FamilySearch Genealogy Records”

Granite Mountain Records Vault, Part 2 – FamilySearch Genealogy Records

If difficult to view, the videos are also posted at:

“Mormon Church Granite Mountain Vault Part 1”

“Mormon Granite Mountain Records Vault Part2”

For an outside view, see this quick glimpse:

“The Granite Mountain Records Vault”

These final three videos are NOT about the same Granite Mountain in Utah (rather, it is in BC/British Columbia Canada) but I’ve included them for their inspirational value in conveying the magnitude of effort required by institutions & individuals in achieving a “Firm as the Mountains Around Us” repository for the protection of records:

“Granite Mountain, May 18 2011”

“Return to Granite Mountain, May 24th 2011”

The location for the last two videos is revealed here:

“Granite Mountain Powder Fields”

Blessings in recognizing your part in the preservation of truth and accuracy in compiling & preserving your own family records!

Rose Herndon Bonnell

Recommended viewing by researcher, Rose H. Bonnell, 4 Aug 2016
Provenance & Permissions: This blog recommendation (not the videos) is the Intellectual Property of Rose Herndon Bonnell (
com/476) permission is granted for use when quoted in full, with proper attribution & citations.


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