Here’s more recommended free training via Continuing Education in Research Methodologies:

“Building a Family from Circumstantial Evidence, a preview by Judy Russell”

“Skillbuilding: Perils of Source Snobbery” (BCG) by Thomas W. Jones

“Spotlight: Thomas W. Jones”

“Inferential Genealogy”

“Handout of Class Notes for Inferential Class of Thomas W. Jones”

“Using Correlation to Reveal Facts That No Record States”

“Handout of Class Notes for Correlation Class of Thomas W. Jones”

“inferential Genealogy: Deducing Ancestors’ Identities Indirectly” by Thomas W. Jones

“Carolina Family Roots: Case Study: Using Correlation”

“Adventures in Genealogy Education: Part 1: Studying Evidence Analysis”

“Adventures in Genealogy Education: Part 2: Studying Evidence Analysis”

“Cracking a Case by Marian Pierre Louis”

Blessings in your research & in accumulating time-proven people-finder skills for growing your authentic family tree!

Rose Herndon Bonnell

By researcher, Rose H. Bonnell, 4 Aug 2016
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