How To: Utilize the Skills of a Seasoned Genealogist to ASCERTAIN YOUR TRUE AUTHENTIC ANCESTRY rather than a mythical unproven fairytale legend (truth vs. error/red herring/delusion/fake/fraud)!

After three decades as a family historian & direct-entry genealogist (in-the-trenches of original records), having researched on my own since 1981-82, building on the collaborative interviews made by my parents & grandparents of the Great-grandparents, learning incrementally by experience and self-study and taking classes at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City Utah (as well as regional genealogy conferences & local family history centers & courses at the annual BYU Edu Week), gathering my own data via personal & telephone interviews, family history trips with research visits to courthouses & cemeteries & libraries, as well as utilizing supplemental online databases of digitized original documents & forums for research collaboration—and coming to the end of all primary documents, after all that, still having questions—I began the search for internet examples of breaking through the proverbial genealogical brick walls.

Anxious & unashamed to view my research from various perspectives, I decided in effect to, very deliberately, go back to “Ground Zero.” I viewed many tutorials in my quest, and hit a goldmine, locating a favorite teacher in Crista Cowan (both animated & articulate), known as “the Barefoot Genealogist” of (see’s YouTube Channel Playlists: Desktop Education (324 videos), & Genealogical Proof Standard (7 videos). For anyone wanting to quickly & thoroughly learn & implement the rules & applications of evidence & the various ways of viewing it to reveal gaps & clues, here’s some amazingly superior free online education.

(FYI: Crista Cowan is the new employee trainer, receiving & re-dispensing her continuing education (in layman’s terms) from THE premiere U.S. SOURCE, the founders of Genealogical Certification & writers of books on genealogical evidence: Elizabeth Shown Mills CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA (author of Evidence Explained) & Thomas W. Jones PhD, CG, FASG, FUGA, FNGS (author of Mastering Genealogical Proof) (see for more info), at the annual Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy & at Boston University, etcetera. So you are learning from the best, just one step from the proverbial horse’s mouth!)

“Crafting a Genealogy Research Plan”

“Which Source Do I Believe? Evaluating Evidence”

“Genealogical Proof Standard: An Introduction”

“Genealogical Proof Standard: Reasonably Exhaustive Search”

“Genealogical Proof Standard: Complete and Accurate Citation of Sources”

“Genealogical Proof Standard: Analysis and Correlation of the Collected Information”

“Genealogical Proof Standard: Resolution of Conflicting Evidence”

“Genealogical Proof Standard: Soundly Reasoned, Coherently Written Conclusion”

“Genealogy Methodology: Negative Evidence”

“Genealogy Methodology: Documenting Parentage”

“Genealogy Methodology: Getting Around Burned Counties”

“Introduction to Using Land Records for Family History”

“Family History Focus to Grow Your Family Tree”

“Back to the Basics: Genealogy 101”

“Search Like a Detective”

“Using Like A Pro”

“Best Practices for Attaching Records to Your Online Tree”

“Breaking Through Your Genealogy Brick Walls”

“Putting Your Ancestors’ Lives in Historical Context”

“Quick Tips for Breaking Through Your Genealogy Brick Walls”

“AncestryDNA: Genetic Genealogy Brick Wall Case Study”

“You’ve Received Your AncestryDNA [or, I Got My] Results. Now what?”

“AncestryDNA: Why is My Native American DNA Not Showing Up?”

“How to Prove Native American/Indian Ancestry”

Blessings in your research, and in joining this “movement” to correct the inadvertently-created brick-wall errors in our family trees!!! We can do so, by diligently, conscientiously, documenting our searches & findings, writing succinct analyses, then sharing them online.

Rose Herndon Bonnell

By researcher, Rose H. Bonnell, 15 July 2016 & 4 Aug 2016
Citation: This blog post is the Intellectual Property of Rose Herndon Bonnell, you may use it with my permission when properly cited.


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