Welcome to the Family Disambiguation … Station

Welcome to my new & very first website! It began as a specific HERNDON FAMILY and HERNDON-NEWTON ancestry correction website, but it will be expanded to handle my other ancestral case studies, as well. (It made it’s debut as Family Disambiguation Central, but for purposes of rhyming & remembrance I soon amended it to it’s current name—since disambiguation is such a big & likely unfamiliar word!)

When I started this website, I wanted it to serve three-fold in these areas: (1) correcting long-published errors in my family tree, with all its documentation, while
(2) providing a central location for others to correct errors in their trees, citing their proofs & analyses, and
(3) instructing & upholding the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS), combating the relentless onslaught of well-meaning, enthusiastic, yet ill-trained “click-any-ologists” (my distraught term) of all the erroneous mass-disseminated online family trees:

(1st) as a home for my family tree corrections with all its research, documentation, case studies, in final correlation & analysis, with an explanation of essential GPS training;

(2nd) as a place where others could place their own corrections with all their accompanying documentation & reasoning, showing the re-traceable path to their final conclusions, in a provable scientific approach.

(3rd) as a training-ground for new wannabe genealogist/family historians, because the ultimate primary goal for all of us must be TRUTH & ACCURACY; if we’re not ensuring & providing that in the compilation & publication of our family trees, then by default, we are only disseminating myth, in which case it would be better to be a fiction author than a relied upon family researcher.

SCOPE: In the immediate future, as I learn how, I will be adding a way for people to link their own genealogical corrections, WITHOUT allowing for the works of others to be edited or besmirched. If you have come to a different conclusion on a specific posted case study, you can submit your own case study with your own evaluation of evidence & conclusions. If we all use the Genealogical Proof Standard, judging the same evidence, (direct & indirect & negative from primary & secondary sources) we should come to the same conclusions by rightly weighing the evidence for the highest validity. As the detectives often do, we ought to consider the problem-solving principle of “Occam’s Razor,” in which the simplest, less convoluted, conclusion is usually (though not always) the answer.

PROGRESS: Having never built a website before, and learning as I go, in hindsight, I think people are going to have a problem even saying, spelling, and remembering “disambiguation” so I started a “Family Tree Fixer” website, but it is too bland & generic & forgettable a name! I’m wondering if I can somehow keep “Disambiguation” and rhyme it with “Station” instead of “Central,” including it in the framework of something bigger & more memorable.

CURRENT: Bottom Line: I’m not sure what to do with amending & perfecting this website yet, but it needs to be the permanent home for my HERNDON documentation no matter I do with it as far as renaming or reconfiguring it.

Stay tuned and look at the contents below; it’s the basics you need to know to understand my research methodology & corrections!

Citation: By researcher, Rose H. Bonnell, 2 February 2016.
Provenance & Permissions: This blog post is the Intellectual Property of Rose Herndon Bonnell (https://wordpress.com/post/familydisambiguation.wordpress.
com/153) permission is granted for use when quoted in full & properly cited.


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